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PestExpel® 5m (20 x 25cm) Bird Spikes Humane Pigeon Seagull Crow Control Deterrent Discreet Bird Pest Control for Walls, Windowsills, Ledges etc

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  • PestExpel 5m pack stainless steel and polycarbonate bird spikes.
  • 20 interlinking pieces 25cm long easy to assemble and fit using silicone sealant / screws (NOT supplied)
  • Prevents birds from perching and nesting on your walls, ledges etc.
  • Quality items used by professionals and home owners to repel pigeons, seagulls, crows etc.
  • Low visibility discreet spikes that minimise visual impact for non-intrusive protection of buildings.

These high quality stainless bird spikes are 100% effective at preventing birds from landing, nesting, or roosting on selected surfaces. By installing the spikes on surfaces where birds like to perch an uninviting, irritating, & intimidating barrier is established, forcing them to relocate. Stainless steel spikes are humane and only require a single application for years of efficacy. the spikes effectively repel pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds and swallows amongst many other pest birds. The stainless bird spikes are effective wherever they are applied such as homes, garages, rooftops, windowsills, signs, billboards, ledges, playgrounds, beams, yards, gardens, gates, fences, barns, & more. The bird spikes can be easity installed using silicone sealant, adhesive, nails, screws, or ties. (NON Supplied) After correct installation these bird spikes are 100% effective in repelling birds


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