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Ultrasonic Ionic Electronic Pest Control Rat Mouse Mice Spider Insect Pest Repeller (EU 2 Pin euro-plug)

£13.95 low in stock! Back in Stock Mid August

This item comes with a EU 2 Pin euro-plug for a British Standard 3 pin plug click here

Latest Technology Multi-function Pest Controller Protect your home from: Insects: roaches, ants (excluding carpenter ants), centipedes, water bugs, crickets, bed bugs (prevents only), silverfish, earwigs, mites, spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks. Rodents: mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and bats. 3 kinds of Pest Control technology: *Ultrasonic technology The exclusive high pressure transducer emits an ultrasonic alarm (inaudible to humans) that drives pests out by creating a hostile environment. *Electro-Vibrawave technology Pulsating vibrations travel through your wiring to create a giant pest repelling field. Reaches deep into walls and cracks untouched by other pest controls where 90% of pests nest and breed. *Ionic technology Removes pollutants from the air, destroys dust mites and eliminates food odors that attract pests into your home. Pest Repeller Features: *Efficient electronic pest control device *Covers up to 5, 000 sq. Ft. *Recommended one per floor ideal for flats, apartments and offices *Safe for humans and pets (excluding rodent type pets) *Use Latest 2013 technology to repel pests from your home *Second Ultrasonic sound generation, Electro-Vibrawave repels pests from inside walls *Ultra-Ionic pest control technology filters out bacteria and odors that draw pest in *Super bright blue LED nightlight *Standard 1 year Warranty Technical Specifications *3 Pin BS Plug Fits any standard socket. *Power: 110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz *Consumption: 8 Watts (Max. ) *Ultrasonic Frequency: 25, 000 Hz *Pulse Intervals: Ultrasonic wave: 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. On, 0.5 sec. ~ 2 sec. Off Magnetic wave: 0.5 sec. ~ 2 sec. On, 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. Off *Negative Ions Air Purifier: Purifying Rate: 98% Negative Ions Concentration: 3, 000, 000 ions/CBM
  • Use Latest 2013 technology to repel pests from your home
  • Suitable for rats mice spiders and the majority of household pests.
  • Ultrasonic,electro-vibrate and Ionic functions covers up to 5000 sq.ft.
  • Safe for humans and pets (excluding rodent type pets)
  • Automatic super bright blue LED nightlight


Back in Stock Mid August



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