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Pest Repeller plug in Whole House Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Control Rat Mouse Mice Spider Insect Deterrent (UK 3 Pin BS-plug)

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE Just plug into a centrally located area unobstructed by furniture and other objects. Electromagnetic Feature The unit uses a new technology called "phase-shift-current". By shifting the Electromagnetic field throughout the existing electrical wiring, this creates an uncomfortable environment that aids in the control of pests in the walls, ceiling, and floor where the majority of pest problems exist. This feature will work throughout your home wherever electricity is available. Ultrasonic Sound Features The unit incorporates dual speakers that create a harsh ultrasonic siren, inaudible to humans. See commonly asked questions for additional information on ultrasonic sound. Variable/Fixed Pitch Selector In the variable setting, the two speakers sweep within a range of ultrasonic sound frequencies, like two squalling and conflicting sirens. If set to the FIXED setting the speakers broadcast a single tone. You may hear the difference by pushing the TEST button. It is recommended first setting to the FIXED setting and changing to VARIABLE if adequate results are not met. Continuous/Random On-Off Selector The Random On/Off Setting automatically turns each speaker on and off randomly to keep pests from becoming accustomed to the ultrasonic sounds. This mode will use 50% less electricity. In the continuous setting, both speakers broadcast continuously. It is recommends first setting to the CONTINUOUS setting and changing to RANDOM ON-OFF if adequate results are not met. Floor Night Light Switch Switch the On/Off switch on the left side of the unit, to turn on/off Night Light. Test Button When the unit is plugged into a power outlet, pushing the test button will lower the ultrasonic frequencies to an audible human level. Pushing the test button will allow you to hear the different ultrasonic features. To avoid hearing damage, do not use the Test button for long periods of time and do not allow children to play with the test.

  • Latest Electro-Magnetic and Ultrasonic Technology
  • One unit for whole house coverage (up to 4 bed house)
  • Inexpensive to run (less than 1.5p per day)
  • Effective against Rats, Mice, Spiders and most Crawling insects
  • Harmless to humans and domestic pets (except hamsters, gerbils etc)


Back in Stock Mid August


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